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Community Organization Development Institute (CODI), Thailand

A national process of people-driven in Thailand

Build society’s fundamental strength through the power of community organization and civil society

City-wide Housing Development Program in Thailand


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Community Networks

CODI’s demand-led facilitating structure touches the lives of people across Thailand, in all the country’s urban and rural areas.  A crucial role in working at this scale is played by community networks.  Since the very beginning, CODI has supported the establishment and strengthening of new networks and the linking together of existing community networks across […]


June 7, 2023

Community Housing Insurance

Since it was launched in 2003, CODI’s Baan Mankong Program has helped more than 104,000 urban poor families around Thailand get secure land and housing, in over 1,000 projects.  All of these projects were financed by loans from the CODI Fund to registered community cooperatives, which manage the loan repayments for their individual members and […]

Baan Mankong Rural in Pak Chong District

Ban Man Khong Project in rural area is an extension of Ban Man Khong or The Secure Land Tenure Project which began initially in urban areas. In the rural areas, the project’s purposes are to create security for housing and farmland for the rural poor and to develop the infrastructure more relevant to the people’s […]

Homeless Center in Chiang Mai

On June 28, 2018, a big crowd gathered to celebrate the opening of the new Chiang Mai Homeless Center, including the Minister of Social Development and Human Security and ministry staff, the vice mayor of Chiang Mai and city council members, the CODI director and staff, support NGOs, community network leaders from other cities, homeless […]

Community Organization Development Institute (CODI), Thailand

We supports a national process of people-driven development in Thailand’s Urban and Rural community, through a variety of programs

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